AMA With Sugar Bounce || Oct-20–2021

Navin Ray: CEO of SugarBounce have taken AMA in Crypto Avengers TG Channel and helped to know about SugarBounce in detail. You can check full session details below.

Crypto Avengers: Let me introduce the CEO of Sugarbounce @NRay84 Welcome to CryptoAvengers Community, how are you doing?

Navin Ray: Hi everyone it’s a pleasure to be here. Doing really well.

Crypto Avengers: so our 1st question is please introduce yourselves, your role and your background? And how you discovered crypto?

Navin Ray: I am Navin Ray. I am the CEO of SugarBounce. It was about 2017 when I got acquainted with bitcoin, then invested a little bit and then spent a lot of time reading about blockchain and crypto currencies and realised how the adoption of this technology in the adult industry I was working in would change the way how the adult industry runs. Platforms could not only be profitable but at the same time be fair to the performers and content creators who work in the industry.

Crypto Avengers: Wow you have strong background

So our next question is what is SugarBounce? Can you explain SugarBounce in layman terms?

Navin Ray: SugarBounce is an ecosystem of 6 different platforms which will bring all kinds of online adult entertainment under one roof. It is a merger of two worlds: adult and crypto. It is basically a culmination of my life’s work.

Crypto Avengers: Cool

So our next Question is what was the inspiration behind starting SugarBounce?

Navin Ray: It was the content creators and performers, a lot of them whom I knew and saw what they went through. How the whole stigma and taboo that is attached to this industry and the things that they go through in their lives needed to change that’s what motivated me to build this project.

Crypto Avengers: Nice 😃

So our next Question is can you talk about team behind SugarBounce? What’s the team size and how many developers are involved?

Navin Ray: Certainly, So we have a total team of 10 people in house and another 10 working on a contractual basis.

Two of my devs are from my previous organization. I have known them for a while and when I told them that I would be starting this project they decided to join me on this journey. But we have blockchain developers, streaming engineers, designers, a social media manager If you see, this is actually the perfect team with the right set of skills to ensure the success of our project.

Crypto Avengers: Wow you have pretty big team

So our next question is Do you have competitors building something similar to SugarBounce?

Navin Ray: We have competitors in this space and frankly I wish them well because the industry needs a change in the way things work. That being said most of them are building one or maximum two things at the most whereas we are building a whole ecosystem which will come together to fill all the holes that currently exist in the adult industry.

Crypto Avengers: So Our Next Question is How Does Sugarbounce Work?

Navin Ray: SugarBounce is made up of 5 individual platforms from cams to subscriptions to a marketplace for NFTs , a crowdfunding platform , a decentralized content repository , a payment processor all of which would go live one by one and then come together to form one ecosystem which is SugarBounce.

Crypto Avengers: Nice…

Our next question is can you talk about sugarbounce products — SugarStreams,SugarPals,SugarReels, SugarStarter, SugarMarkets, SugarPay

Navin Ray: Sure Mate.

Sugar streams: is an adult cam site with one of the highest payouts to performers. Also you know viewers can choose to be node hosts and earn rewards on the back end while watching their favorite performer stream

Sugar Pals: is a subscription based video blogging platform like OnlyFans but with much better U/I U/X and even payouts to performers

Sugar Reels: is a decentralized version of a content repository like pornhub or Xvideos but we will share Ad revenues with content creators so they have a passive income for the rest of their lives.

Sugar Starter: is a crowdfunding platform for newcomers and existing content creators where they can crowd fund their entire journey in the adult film industry and not have to go through middle men like casting agents and talent managers who exploit them.

Sugar Markets: is an online NFT marketplace with a very unique idea of having utility NFTs where content creators will be exclusively available to NFT holders via streams for a particular amount of time a day for a finite number of days. It will be like a key to a door to your favorite content creators where you get more exclusive personalized access.

Sugar Pay: is our cost effective and completely anonymous payment processor which will take on the current payment processors and banks who charge a ridiculous high amount of commission on every transaction

Crypto Avengers: Wow it’s awesome

Our Next Question is what’s the current status of the SugarBounce project? Any upcoming major milestones?

Navin Ray: Well right now we are actually testing our streaming internally and I’m really happy to tell you it’s going extremely well.

But very soon we will have a full on beta testing for Sugar Streams with all functionalities where we plan to have community members, stakeholders, performers involved so everyone can see the way the project is developing.

We have come a long way from conceptualization and this is a dream come true for me.

Crypto Avengers: Nice All the best we to wait for the launch

Our Next Question is can you please talk about partners, investors and advisors of SugarBounce?

Navin Ray: We have multiple partnerships which will be announced over coming weeks. Partners who would add a lot of value to our project and vice versa.

As for investors we are very fortunate to have investors like Crypto Avengers, Exnetwork capital , SMO capital , Poolz ventures , CSP DAO , Stakez Capital , Halvings Capital , Nine 2 Five Ventures , Chateau Crypto VC amongst, Fairum Ventures amongst others.

Our advisors are Sundeep who is a core part of the trustswap team, Joe wong from Fomocraft ventures and of course tehmoonwalker who is such a well-known and a big influencer in this space. We also have Kyle chasse from master ventures as an advisor on the project as well.

Crypto Avengers: Cool

Our Next Question is Sugarbounce content is rated for adults, how will you control access to minors?

Navin Ray: We will be ensuring a very rigid and thorough KYC process to make sure no underage performers come on our platform. We take this issue very seriously and will have compliance people to enforce this.

Crypto Avengers: Nice

Our next Question is can you talk about Sugarbounce token and its utilities?

Navin Ray: Certainly Mate,

Well our token $TIP is at the heart of every monetary transaction that happens on any of our individual platforms. From Streams to Pals to Reels , Markets & Starter anywhere anytime premium memberships are being purchased on NFTs are being bought and sold or performers are being tipped or node hosts are being rewarded, all of these transactions are happening in our token $TIP.

$TIP is a very integral part of our ecosystem. Once all of our platforms are live and our whole ecosystem is functional you will see the it’s so beautifully connected that every aspect of it is meant to pump the utility of our token.

Crypto Avengers: So Mia Khalifa & Jennie Lee already onboarded right and if we hold $TIP we can freely streaming all their videos? 😃 Just one funny question

Navin Ray: Haha no mate Mia and Jennie have both left the industry for good.

Crypto Avengers: ok @NRay84 we are done

Now let’s proceed with the community Questions Are you ready?

Navin Ray: I am ready👍👍

Crypto Avengers: The Room is yours @NRay84 Take your time in going through the questions and please pick the 5 best questions for you to answer 🦉

Crypto Avengers Community: Hi! ‼️

Interaction has such an effect in these sectors. People really like to message, speak and join an event with their favourite adult content creators. Will this be possible in Sugarbounce? Do you plan to arrange some events where adult content creators meet with theirs fans?


Navin Ray: We do have plans but ultimately it will only happen if the content creators want it to Sometimes people don’t really behave well with adult content creators and that won’t happen on our watch.

Crypto Avengers Community: Hello sir @NRay84

The adult entertainment industry is one of the largest industries online. To what extent will the blockchain implementation make the difference for SugarBounce compared to the already existing competition without it?

Navin Ray: Blockchain implementation actually solves a lot of problems in the adult industry. Its application can show traditional businesses that platforms can be profitable and at the same time fair to the content creators that work in the industry

Crypto Avengers Community: Many projects only focus on the price of their tokens in the market but not on the utility of the tokens, and can your tokens deliver real value in the world?

Navin Ray: We looked at all these projects that you’re talking about and thought the same thing. So we created a performance based token so any token generation that happens in the ecosystem only happens when milestones (which is the number of models onboarded) on the platform are being met. The token generation goes hand hand with the adoption. I.e. because more performers would directly relate to exponential engagement with the platform

Crypto Avengers Community: Can you list 1–3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Navin Ray: Our one of a kind utility based NFT marketplace

Our never been done before crowdfunding platform for the adult film industry.

Ad revenues being shared with content creators.

Crypto Avengers Community: COVID 19 has slowed down many economies around the world but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively? Are you still on track to achieve your goals or are you planning a new development?

Navin Ray: To be honest two industries have actually flourishes during COVID. Crypto and the online adult entertainment industry.

Crypto Avengers: Cool, Is there anything you want to add before we close this AMA?

Navin Ray: It was really a pleasure being here and I want to thank Crypto Avengers for hosting this AMA and giving SugarBounce this platform to speak about our story and journey. Also to all the community members thank you for participating. Really appreciate it guy’s 🙏

Crypto Avengers: Thanks Everyone! Please support Sugarbounce Guys!!

Thank you @NRay84 for your wonderful time with us!! We learnt more about Sugarbounce from you today.

Navin Ray: Thanks Tony thank you so much 👍👍

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Crypto Avengers: bye bye @NRay84, have a nice day!!

Navin Ray: Bye @tonystark537, Take care everyone

Crypto Avengers: Thanks for your time @NRay84! Have a nice day and STAY SAFE

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