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Azure: project lead at Seeded Network have taken AMA in Crypto Avengers TG Channel and helped to know about Seeded Network in detail. You can check full session details below.

Crypto Avengers: Hi @AzureDev, Welcome to Crypto Avengers Community, how are you doing?

Azure: Hi @tonystark537 thank you for having me, I’m doing well

Crypto Avengers: To start off this AMA, can you give us a small introduction along with what Seeded Network is?

Azure: Sure, I’m Ahmed, I go by Azure and I’m the project lead at Seeded Network. I work with a relatively small team of 8 people to develop and manage Seeded Network. Seeded Network is a borrowing and lending protocol with a twist on the traditional DeFi integration with a project incubator product, combining aspects of cryptocurrency with the expanding world of DeFi.

Crypto Avengers: Our next question is what experience does the Seeded Team have?

Azure: As I mentioned earlier, we’re a team of 8 people all with different skills and talents that we bring together to make it all possible. We consist of 1 project manager (me), 1 operations manager, 1 creative director, 1 brand and marketing manager, 2 advisors and 2 developers. We are all close friends and have a good work relationship together. We’ve all worked on different projects in the past that we were able to bring to new heights and now we’re working together to make Seeded Network reach those great heights.

Crypto Avengers: Our next question is Can you tell me about your branding?

Azure: Good question, we’re a brand-oriented project and put a lot of emphasis on our branding. To start it’s important to distinguish what branding is, a brand is now our logo, font, color or product. Our brand is our reputation. That varies from the way we present ourselves to the investors and partners we have on board. It’s really important to us how we present our branding and to always keep it consistent. We have a dedicated brand manager that oversees all operations and manages what we produce to our investors and community so we are sure there’s no room for error.

Crypto Avengers: Our next question is why is Seeded Network different from all the lending protocols and incubators on Solana?

Azure: That’s another good question. Our main distinguishing factor is our ecosystem that combines both a lending protocol with an incubator. Each of our different products has a unique twist to how it has been traditionally done. For example, our lending protocol makes use of LP collateral allowing investors to use LP tokens as collateral to borrow other tokens. Another example is our incubator which has no tiered system and opts to have a more fair alternative with the weighted average of all the people in the pool. The synchronised usage comes from the lending protocol giving a 2 times allocation bonus to anyone that locks their $SEEDED tokens.

Crypto Avengers: our next question is when is the IDO and are you going to launch on any platforms?

Azure: We get these questions a lot. We actually had a lot of interest from many different launchpads and incubators who were all eager to have us launch through them. We instead opted to launch on our own platform as it will provide us with the benefit of building a new community that will use our protocol as opposed to just investing in us. We want the community to stay with us long term as we release new products and create a thriving ecosystem on Solana. In terms of date, all is on schedule to launch before the end of the month and we should have an announcement come out very soon so keep an eye out for that.

Crypto Avengers: our next question Apart from the lending and incubator, do you have any other products planned?

Azure: We have a good few products planned for after we launch. Some are more complex than others and require us more time than others but some will be released in early next quarter. We want to also focus our attention on incubating projects through us that can provide value to the Seeded Network ecosystem and incorporate them in our products, specifically our flagship lending protocol. We also want to get into the NFT space with our own Seeded product and add some interesting incorporations to our products as well.

Crypto Avengers: Our next Question is what’s the next big thing for Seeded Network?

Azure: The next big thing for Seeded Network is our launch and our whitelist events. We are very close to announcing it and we’re very excited to have this community on board. If you’re interested in our project and want to participate in our whitelist event, we’re really active on Discord, and Twitter, . You can also check out our website at . We’re looking forward to having you onboard.

Crypto Avengers: Ok Azure we are done.

Now let’s proceed with the community Questions Are you ready?

Azure: How many questions should I pick from the community?

Crypto Avengers: we will unmute for Community Questions, you may answer after 5 minutes when I mute the Room again 🔥

Please pick the 5 best questions for you to answer

Azure: Ok sure let’s do it

Crypto Avengers Community: What block chain is this built on?

Azure: We are built on the Solana block chain

Crypto Avengers Community: What major partnerships does you project intend to use or how does your project bring its products to the average consumer — especially non-crypto users?

Azure: We’re looking to partner with the top projects on Solana in terms of DeFi TVL first and any projects that can benefit from our product

Crypto Avengers Community: Do you guys plan to have NFTs?

Azure: Yes we do, I very much love NFTs so I would love to have something in that space

Crypto Avengers Community: Do you have any

1. Telegram Group

2. YouTube channel

3. Tiktok Channel

4. Website

For this project? From where we can learn something? Please share with us link.

Azure: Yes we do:







Crypto Avengers Community: Hey Azure! Nice ama! Do you have any ambition to go crosschain and extend eventually to other ecosystem?

Azure: Yes we do, I’ve always been intrigued by other chains so this will be a good opportunity to do it with Seeded Network

Crypto Avengers: Cool, Is there anything you want to add before we close this AMA?

Azure: This was great

Crypto Avengers: Thanks Everyone! Please support Seeded Network Guys!!

Azure: thank you very much for the AMA

Crypto Avengers: Thank you @AzureDev for your wonderful time with us!! We learnt more about Seeded Network from you today.

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Bye bye @Azure Dev, have a nice day!!

Azure: thank you and you too

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