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Manav Bajaj and Chandni Shah: Founder Lead Developer and CO-Founder at Panther Quant have taken AMA in CA Capital TG Channel and helped to know about The Panther Quant in detail. You can check full session details below.

CA Capital: Hi @manavb, @adv_chandnishah Welcome to CA Capital Community, how are you doing?

Chandni Shah: Hi Tony! Thank you for having us. We are doing great how have you been?

Manav Bajaj: Hey Tony, thank you for having us. I am doing super good and we are super excited to be here.

CA Capital: I’m doing great thanks for asking guys let’s start AMA with our 1st question

Chandni Shah: Sure Tony. Let’s start!

Manav Bajaj: Let’s go for it!

CA Capital: So, our 1st question is please Introduce yourselves, your role and your background? and how you discovered crypto?

Manav Bajaj: Sure. I would start with myself

My name is Manav Bajaj, Founder of Panther Quant. I hail from India and have been in the crypto space since 2016/17. I have been an ex-producer in Bollywood, Founder of a Consumer Complaint portal called ‘Consumer Sathi’ which used AI to detect consumer complaints on Social Media Platforms & connect them with lawyers and while doing that I got the idea of using AI for trading in crypto and thus, Panther Quant came into existence.

Chandni Shah: So, Hi again!

My name is Chandni Shah and I am the Co-Founder of Panther Quant. I too, am from India and have been into crypto since 2017. I am a Lawyer, a Media Panelist in leading Media channels, and also a vocalist. While working as a Lawyer at Consumer Sathi, Manav shared the idea of using AI for sentiment analysis and apply it to trading. I found it quite interesting and we brainstormed for a long time and voilà — Panther Quant was born!

CA Capital: Wow guys you have a great background …🔥

Let’s move to our next question

Our next question is what is Panther Quant? can you explain Panther Quant in layman terms?

Chandni Shah: Sure, I shall do that.

First, we need to start by addressing the problem and then come to the product.

Cryptocurrency market runs 24/7, is highly volatile, unpredictable, with too much information in too little time and largely driven by sentiments. Therefore, it is impossible for a human mind to process all this overwhelming data and sentiments. Thus, without an in-depth insight of the crypto market, the traders are exposed to a lot of risk in the crypto market. Thus, there is a need to analyse the data and sentiments of the market to give the trader an in-depth insight of the crypto market.

Panther Quant is a smart AI powered Algo Trading Platform for spot trading, Defi Protocols and Dex Arbitrage trading that will act as a “One-Stop-Trading-Destination” and fill the gap between Traders and Crypto markets, curating the trades by scanning premium interactive and informative digital platforms (incl. social media & analysing ‘emojis’) and analysing the crypto market sentiments in Real Time, thus giving them an edge while trading.

Panther Quant has been built on the BNB Smart Chain and uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse the real time sentiments of the market and Machine Learning to hyper optimize the strategies of the traders. This feature of Hyper_optimization through Machine Learning would enable the trader to keep optimising his parameters until he is satisfied with the kind of results, he wants his strategy to have. This also saves a lot of time as a machine will obviously be a lot faster than manual optimization.

We are also introducing the First NFT Marketplace for trading strategies where Traders can convert their successful trading strategies into an NFT and trade it with other users on the platform. This will essentially disrupt the Copy trade culture of the Crypto space.

So, the Prime features of Panther Quant are:

✅AI Based Signal- On top of a real time holistic approach to predict market sentiment based on factual data on top of many other A.I. leveraged features.

• Conducts real time sentiment analysis

• It does it through advanced AI & ML

• It processes real social media information

• It then forecasts the sentiment for the asset

✅Auto Compound Yield & Yield Swap- Swap yields change constantly. Panther Quant keeps track of this 24/7 and auto shifts funds to synthesize the highest APY possible at all times.

• Connect a wallet

• Your funds will be moved to the DeFi protocols

• Users can choose to auto-compound wins or,

• Keep them in the wallet

✅DEX Arbitrage with Flashloan facility- Monitor over 10 exchanges for real time arbitrage opportunities along with top flash loan lending platforms.

• Scan flash loan opportunities in exchanges

• Execute the order based on preset parameters

• Receive profits directly into the wallet

✅Tokenize Your Strategies- After a user defines the strategy, they can Create an NFT of that strategy and either lease it or sell it to other user and make a profit out of it. Tokenized strategies will be able to be sold or bought in Panther Quant´s easy to use NFT marketplace. The creation process is as easy as ABC with a stunning drag & drop UI!

CA Capital: That’s great 😊

Moving to next question

Our next question is what was the inspiration behind starting the Panther Quant?

Manav Bajaj: So, while trading in cryptocurrency the problem I faced was ‘Making a choice’.

For example, If I am getting the same signal on 20 pairs but I only want to open 5 trades. So which 5 to choose and which 15 to discard, was based on a total random process.

And this problem is not mine alone ! It seems like not a big deal, but if you are in trading, every information incoming at any given point of time is crucial and to process this data is what i thought would give me the much needed edge. I simply wanted to hedge my exposure.

Hence I decided to apply AI and analyse the market sentiments to the trading. So we trained extensive data sets and identified them as ‘Bullish’, ‘Bearish’ and ‘Neutral’. The neutral statements would discarded and then the ratio between Bullish and Bearish would be observed.

A change in this ratio would then decide which trades to pick and which trades to not at the given point of time based on the sentiments of the market. This is exactly how the mechanism of panther quant works.

And the process is seems extensive in reading but all of this happens at a lightning speed!

CA Capital: Awesome

Moving to next question

Our next Question is can you talk about team behind Panther Quant? what’s the team size and how many developers are involved?

Chandni Shah: The core team of Panther Quant is based in India.

Manav Bajaj — Founder/Lead Developer

Linkedin (

Twitter (

Chandni Shah — Co-Founder

Linkedin (

Twitter (

Rajesh GV — Blockchain Developer

Linkedin (

Bhhavya Gulati — AI Programmer

Rishabh Kalra — BDM

Ajay Kumar — Marketing

This is our in-house and a very accomplished team with 37 years of Combined relevant Experience!

CA Capital: wow guys you have very well high experienced team that really sound’s great 😃

Manav Bajaj: Thank you so much Tony!

CA Capital: Moving to next question

Our next question is what are Current features of Panther Quant?

Chandni Shah: So the prominent features of Panther Quant are :

1. Spot Trading on Top 7 to 8 Centralised Exchanges (with AI based Sentiment Analysis)

2. DEX Arbitrage Trading along with Flashloan on the leading Decentralised Exchanges and Defi Platforms.

3. Auto Compound Yield Swap on leading Defi Protocols

4. Tokenizing Trading Strategies into an NFT.

We have not launched as of yet but We would be launching our Beta version in Q2 2022 which will have the Spot trading with NFT Marketplace.

The best part about Panther Quant is that the trader does not have to park his funds with us.

If he wants to trade on CEX, he would be logging in with his CEX API.

If he is in to Defi playfield, he would be logging in with his DEX wallet.

CA Capital: Sounds good 🔥

Let’s move to our next question

Our next Question is Do you have competitors building something similar to Panther Quant?

Chandni Shah: Great Question!

There are many algo trading platforms like 3hreecommas, hummingbot, kryll. These are mainly focused on spot trading on centralised exchanges, have limited indicators or a little complex to understand.

Why do We stand out?

1. The AI Based market sentiment analysis is our USP. We have trained the data sets to curate the trades based on real time sentiments and have also given a large selection of indicators/parameter to set the strategies.

2. We have not just focused on the Centralised Exchanges Spot trades but have also enabled the DEX arbitrage as well as compound yield swaps that can be automated by the trader.

3. We have disrupted the concept of copy trade by introducing the First NFT Marketplace for trading strategies. So, the person who is putting his money on this NFT is benefitting. Simultaneously, whatever transactions are happening on that NFT, a certain %ge of that transaction would go the creator of the Tokenized NFT.

Thus, a win-win situation for all!

The industry is very open and largely unexplored, hence new competitors do not have any barriers to enter if they have a competent team. However, the global adaptation of crypto market is widening and hence there is a lot of space to grow and competitions will make us more and more efficient.

Said this, Panther Quant can probably be a Trend setter for disruptive Algo trading platforms!

CA Capital: That’s really cool

Let’s move to our next question

our next Question is Can you please talk about RoadMap of the Panther Quant?

Manav Bajaj: So, we started in Nov 2020. So, i shall share the roadmap since the inception of Panther Quant for better understanding

2020–4th Quarter

1.Documentation and Design


2021–1st Quarter

1. Establishing and configuring communication channel with exchanges

2. Build and deploy Phase 1

2021–2nd Quarter

1. Unit Testing

2. Functional Testing

2021–3rd Quarter

1. Dry Run

2. Stress testing

2021–4th Quarter

1. Website launch

2. Litepaper Release

3. Partnership/Private Round (currently ongoing)

Now in 2022:

2022 -1st Quarter

1. Presale

2. Public Sale

3. TGE

4. UI/UX Development

5. Team Expansion

6. Marketing

2022–2nd Quarter

1. Beta Launch (spot trading & NFT Marketplace)

2. Liquidity Mining

3. Bounty Security Program

4. Whitepaper release

5. Version 1.0

6. Multi-Chain Integration

2022–3rd Quarter

1. DEX Arbitrage

2. Flashloan

3. Auto Compound Yield Swap

More Down the pipeline:

1. Version 2.0

2. Stablecoin

3. Fiat gateway integration

4. DApp

5. DAO Integration

CA Capital: Wow that’s interesting 😊

Moving to next question

Our next question is can you please talk about What’s the current status of Panther Quant project? any upcoming major milestones?

Chandni Shah: Well, we are currently working on the UI/UX for the Beta version is in Q2, 2022.

Our goal is to develop an attractive UI and yet a very simplified one where everything is just a click away.

We are currently also raising funds in our Private/Partnership Round.

Private/Partnership Round: $1.1 M

Token Price for Private: $0.00125/PNTQ

Successfully Raised: $200000

To be Raised: $900000

Presale Round: $360000

Token Price: $0.0015/PNTQ

IDO: $608000

Token Price: $0.0019/PNTQ

Total Raise: $2068000

Also Sharing our detailed tokenomics for better understanding:

So, the immediate major milestones are:


Token sale

Beta launch


CA Capital: That’s Great

Let’s move to our next question

Our next Question is can you please talk about partners, investors and advisors of Panther Quant?

Chandni Shah:


1. Black Dog Venture Partners — Linkedin (

2. Gotbit — Linkedin (

Twitter (

3. BitBns Exchange — Twitter (


1. Scott Kelly — Linkedin (

Twitter (

2. Ian Scarffe — Linkedin (

Twitter (

3. Keyur Shah (previously associated with PUSH-EPNS and Vice President at Matic)

Linkedin (


We successfully raised $200K at the valuation of $10 Million from a few Angel Investors and Alphablockz (

CA Capital: That’s awesome

Moving to last question

Our last Question is can you please talk about The Panther Quant TOKEN and its utilities?

Chandni Shah: Can I share an image and explain with that?

CA Capital: sure, you can share and explain please go ahead

Chandni Shah:

Total/Max Supply: 8,000,000,000 PNTQ.

$PNTQ is a purely Utility Token and will be used for/as

1. Facilitate and improve the user experience by giving Staking rewards and airdrops rewards for particular tasks

2. Under the Bug Bounty Programs it will utilize ethical programmers who work to bolster platform and facilitate rewards to those who are helping to improve the platform.

3. Facilitating rewards for Liquidity mining.

4. Governance will Confer power to the community to influence project decisions.

5. Transaction charges on the platform on each trade that happens on the platform.

Redistribution of the Transaction charges as under:

1. 30% — LP Token Holders

2. 25% — Burn Treasury

3. 20% — Token Stakers

4. 20% — Ecosystem

5. 05% — Liquidity

6. As reward to NFT creator for every transaction on tokenized NFT.

These are the major utilities of PNTQ

CA Capital: Ok we Are done.

Now Let’s proceed with the community Questions Are you ready guys?

we will Unmute for Community Questions, you may answer after 3 to 4 minutes when I mute the Room again 🔥

Chandni Shah: Sure

CA Capital Community: What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

Chandni Shah: If anyone is a trader, they know how vast is this market and how highly volatile. In this totally unpredicatble market, you are very much exposed and we are simply coming to shield you!

The strongest advantage that we have is our strong AI and Machine Learning capabilities.

We do not make astronomical promises of getting Maximum Profits. Our goal is to minimise your losses. To help the trader avoid choosing loss making trades at that given point of time.

On top of that the platform will calculate the liquidity on DEX so if there is a scam coin, a trader would be safeguarded.

With Auto Compound feature, you can relax while the platform monitors the fluctuating interest rates for you.

The cherry on top is our NFT marketplace. With this feature, it would bring even more traction as Functional NFTs are always the 1st choice!

CA Capital Community: Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable???Q1) Are you a global project or a local project?

-Can anyone use your project anywhere without any restrictions?

Chandni Shah: Well, Our Audit is being taken care of while we speak. We would be ready with our reports before our presale begins.

We have given our contracts to Solidity, Quillhash and Soken. You will soon be able to access our Audit report.

We are a global project as the crypto space has no borders.

And yes, you can use our platform anywhere provided the place has an internet connection… :)

CA Capital Community: Are you afraid someday there will be another project with more innovative technology can replace your project?

Chandni Shah: Well this is a very vast space and there is a lot to explore!

For instance, there are already many algo trading platforms and we came with an idea of a smart algo trading platforms which is many steps ahead of them.

And there will always be competition and I personally feel that such challenges will keep us thriving for bringing out more and more innovative features as we grow, making us more efficient.

CA Capital Community: What is project’s revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit?

Chandni Shah: We have s subcription model and Transactional model.

Users will have to stake tokens in order to have access to the platform service. There would be tier systems and higher the staking more the access to services and perks.

Apart from that the transactions would be charged in PNTQ.

So, for example if you are trading with Binance API, on every trade a very tiny amount of PNTQ will be charged. (Please note that transaction charges will also be redistributed)

CA Capital Community: Why you choose Binance Smart chain? we see some chain pop up with good scalability too, then why you choose BSC?

Chandni Shah: BNB Ecosystem and transaction charges was the main reason we chose BNB Smart Chain to launch on.

But we would be doing a Multi Chain integration after the launch of Beta Version as we are ultimately a cross-chain platform.

The next chain is Matic in line.

CA Capital Community: Partnership is always an important factor for every project. So, who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relationships?

Chandni Shah: very true OG.

Partners play a very important role and it is very vital as to what are they bringing to the table.

1. Black Dog Venture Partners: Will help us in our Go-to-market Strategy, which is approaching Experienced traders who already have a community. And BDVP has a large network of traders who would be joining our platform.

2. They would look after our Marketmaking, Snipe Bot Protection and KOLs.

3. Bitbns: is a prominent upcoming Indian Exchange and has partnered with us for listing.

We are also going to make another Partnership Announcement very soon. So stay tuned!!

CA Capital Community: Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

Chandni Shah: Yes, when our Transaction Charges are Redistributed, 25% of that goes to the Burner Treasury, as we like to call it. 🙂

CA Capital Community: Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a you tube channel or something? Can you share it with us?

Chandni Shah: Our next step before the launch of Beta version is to bring out tutorial videos on which we are currently Brainstorming.

The videos would be showing precisely how the platform will work and in detail explain the process.

There would not be just one video but several short videos for each feature.

CA Capital Community: 💥💥Hello sir, please answer my question..

1. #Telegram✅

2. #YouTube ✅

3. #Twitter✅

4. #Website✅

5. #Medium✅

6. #Discord✅

You can share with us the link for your #Project in all these projects??💥💥

Chandni Shah: Let me share with you our Social Media Links :

➡️ Website (

➡️ Litepaper (

➡️ Telegram Community (

➡️ Telegram Channel (

➡️ Twitter (

➡️ Linkedin (

➡️ CoinMarketCap (

➡️ Medium (

You can follow us at:

Founder — Manav Bajaj — Linkedin (

Twitter (

Co-Founder — Chandni Shah — Linkedin (

Twitter (

CA Capital Community: Most of the new projects have low liquidity so could you tell me what’s your liquidity status?

Chandni Shah: Our initial liquidity locked will be $320K against our raise of $2.07M.

Our tokens have avery tight vesting schedule and our initial market cap is only $336K (w/o liquidity).

This increases the chances of the project to rise! 🚀🚀

Sharing the detailed tokenomics:

CA Capital: Cool, Is There anything you want to Add before we close this AMA?

Chandni Shah: Thank you Tony. It was wonderful and a very bright experience. I hope we were able to answer the questions as aptly as possible.

It has been a pleasure!!

CA Capital: welcome Chandni

Thanks Everyone! Please support Panther Quant!!

Thank you @manavb, @adv_chandnishah for your wonderful time with us!! we learnt more about Panther Quant from you today.

Manav Bajaj: Thank you Tony for having us. Been a fantastic experience!

CA Capital: Welcome Manav

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