AMA With Bitspawn|| Apr-28–2021

Eric Godwin — CEO of Bitspawn have taken AMA in Crypto Avengers TG Channel and helped to know about Bitspawn in detail. You can check full session details below.

Crypto Avengers: Welcome everyone to another Crypto Avengers AMA.

We are joined today by Eric (@ericgod) CEO of Bitspawn technology

On behalf of the Crypto Avengers community, I’d like to welcome you all to our humble group🎉

Eric: Hello everyone! Thank you for having me!

Crypto Avengers: So let’s begin 😊

Could you please introduce yourself and explain your role within Bitspawn?

Eric: I am Eric Godwin the founder of Bitspawn. I have been involved in crypto/ blockchain since 2015 working on projects and I am a former competitive call of duty player. I lead operations and product development at Bitspawn.

Crypto Avengers: That’s great background 🔥

How many team members are in Bitspawn?

Eric: We have 8 full-time team members: 4 developers, 2 marketing/growth directors, 1 product director, and myself.

Crypto Avengers: That’s great 😃

Moving to next question

What is Bitspawn and how you came up with the idea of Bitspawn?

Eric: Bitspawn is a decentralized protocol for social and competitive gaming. We are producing digital infrastructure to help the 2 billion plus gamers around the world access new monetization and revenue streams outside of streaming and content creation. My experience as a gamer led me to use a lot of the online solutions out there that exist for competitive gamers. These centralized legacy solutions take advantage of gamers by not enforcing prize pool payout, only allowing a small percentage of gamers to make money, and did not put any long term value back into the hands of players. With bitspawn we solve these problems using blockchain and allow players to create their own communities and competitive marketplaces directly on chain that they control.

Crypto Avengers: Wow i love the idea of Bitspawn 🔥

So what will be the use of Bitspawn token in the ecosystem?

Eric: Bitspawn network token has multi-layered functionality. It will be used for: entry fees and payouts for gaming events, purchasing NFTs and services on marketplaces, staking in wallet for players to receive bonuses, progression and rewards system, DeFi in the form of lending prize pools to growing gaming communities, and DAO governance.

Crypto Avengers: Impressive 😊

Here’s my next question

Any upcoming major milestones?

Eric: We are doing an IDO on Solstarter in the next month, token will be going live on exchanges right after. There are some exciting partnerships in the works with influencers that will be announced soon. We are expecting to move from Ethereum to Solana as our layer 1 by the end of the summer.

Crypto Avengers: That’s awesome so you Bitspawn going to be first ido on solstarter?

Eric: Yes we will be in the first cohort.

Crypto Avengers: That’s awesome 🔥

So here’s my last question than we will open community round

Do you have any plans to partnership with some gamers or streamers?

Eric: Yes! We have those partnerships announcing soon with our token launch

Crypto Avengers: Great 😊

So should we open flood gates for the community round?

Eric: Yes please!

Crypto Avengers: @ericgod take your time and select 5 questions to answer

Crypto Avengers Community: Can you list some great features of Bitspawn that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Eric: Bitspawn supports: tournaments, challenges, and wager matches; team organization and management tools; progression and rewards; esports talent discovery; brand and sponsors; NFT marketplaces; Prizepool lending; and DApps with our SDK.

Crypto Avengers Community: Most of gamers don’t have technical blockchain/crypto knowledge. My question is how would you introduce BITSPAWN games to normal users who doesn’t have enough knowledge about blockchain?

Eric: We make buying SPWN tokens on platform easy and painless. There is support fiat offramps for players that don’t necessarily want to use crypto. We also include currency filters so players can filter to the currency of choice when viewing prize pools and events (BTC, ETH, USDT, and SPWN for example). With demographics rapidly changing for gamers, virtual currency is quickly becoming the norm. Kids are exposed to digital currency in video games at a very early age and crypto is an extension of digital currency in video games.

Crypto Avengers Community: I see NFTs also involved in here, can you explain a bit more how that comes into play on bitspawn eco system?

Eric: We are creating intrinsic value for NFTs on Bitspawn. In large events with high prize pools, brands can give away NFTs that have physical or digital goods associated with them for redemption by players. If a player wins one of these NFTs, and doesn’t want to redeem its goods, they can sell it on marketplace to another player. There are also NFTs with bonuses for progression and rewards for players on Bitspawn. For Example, an NFT might grant a player a lifetime 10% experience boost on the platform, gain access to premium events, receive a % boost for SPWN rewards in staking, etc. Players who earn these NFTs will have the ability to lend them out to other players who want to use those perks and benefits. You can lend your experience boosts out to other players who can then pay you in SPWN for using it for example.

Crypto Avengers Community: So many Rug Pulls and exit scam are happening now. How we can trust this project and believe you are not same like them?

Eric: We have a transparent team and a working product. We have been in the industry for many years and maintain a good reputation. We are fully committed to our community and supporters :)

Crypto Avengers: @ericgod is there anything you want to add before we close this AMA?

Eric: Thank you all for your questions, I am sorry I couldn’t answer them all at this time. We are launching a dedicated blog for our blockchain solution that will contain all the info about the project going forward. Please join our telegram channel to see that soon :) Thank you crypto avengers, we appreciate your support and interest in Bitspawn!

Crypto Avengers: Thanks Eric

Bye @ericgod have a nice day, Stay Safe!

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