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Alexander and Anargya: CO-Founders at Battle of guardians have taken AMA in Crypto Avengers TG Channel and helped to know about The Battle of guardians in detail. You can check full session details below.

Crypto Avengers: Hi @argisimson, @AlexLim07721 Welcome to Crypto Avengers Community, how are you doing?

Alexander: Hey Tony, We’re doing great! Thanks for having us here today on your lovely channel! Hey Everyone o/!

Anargya: Hi Tony! Thanks for inviting us. I’m feeling better than ever!

Crypto Avengers: Cool

So our 1st question is please introduce yourselves, your role and your background? And how you discovered crypto?

Anargya: Of course! I’m Argi, one of the co-founders of BOG! I have an engineering background. I’ve been in the space since 2017 when I first traded Bitcoin and learned about the ICOs. Then, I’ve been following all the hype until today including DeFi, and GameFi. That’s basically what got me here today :)

Alexander: Hello everyone! I’m Alexander Lim, one of the Co-founders of BOG! Nice to meet you! I am a Computer Science Major specializing in Network security, I did research into the blockchain while I was studying! However, for the past 3 years I’ve been a streamer full time, covering all aspects of games and soon DeFi games too!

Crypto Avengers: Wow guys you have a great background …🔥

Let’s move to our next question

So our next question is what is Battle of guardians? Can you explain Battle of guardians in layman terms?

Anargya: Certainly! Battle of Guardians is a real-time multiplayer PVP arena NFT game developed in Unreal Engine and built on the Solana network. Players engage in fierce multi-realm battles in the expansive Sci-Fi game world. BOG is an all-out battle of skills where the best players are in a constant battle to beat other players to earn more rewards. BOG is being developed for PC, with iOS and Android cross-platform multiplayer in the future. In Battle of Guardians, players can battle in PvE and PvP using their collection of NFT fighters. With a tier system, three different races, and a broad range of playable characters, BOG naturally and organically becomes a platform for players to test their skills and agility whilst earning for what they are worth.

Crypto Avengers: That’s great 😊

Moving to next question

Our next question is what was the inspiration behind starting Battle of guardians?

Alexander: We at Battle of Guardians are passionate fighting game players, having lived through the golden age of fighting games, we decided to make our own! BOG is heavily inspired from one of our favorite fighting games, Street Fighter, and we’ve always dreamed of developing our own!

Crypto Avengers: Awesome

Moving to next question

Our next Question is can you talk about team behind Battle of guardians? What’s the team size and how many developers are involved?

Anargya: Battle of Guardians is currently managed by three co-founders including myself, Alex, and our other co-founder, Orlando. My role in this venture is to bring business partnerships with investors. Alex is in charge of marketing and hype building, and Orlando is in charge of developing the game.

Orlando has his own game studio who is working with us, in-house. We currently have a total of 30 game developers!

Crypto Avengers: Wow that’s great 😃

Moving to next question

Our next question is what are Current features of Battle of guardians?

Alexander: Battle of Guardians will have several features:

NFT Marketplace — Both users/players and BOG can buy and sell NFT characters (fighters), in-game items, as well as renting. All NFTs exchanged in this marketplace will have high utility inside the game.

In-Game Currencies — BOG will feature two tokens namely Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS) and Fighting Points $FP. Both will be useful for participating in game modes, purchasing NFT characters and in-game items, and staking.

NFT Renting — Our renting mechanism adds another option for all to earn through BOG. Owners can rent their NFT asset to players who are skillful and eager to earn from the game. It is a win-win solution.

Scholarships — As guilds become more popular and projects of gaming hubs start to rise among the players, we at BOG understand the situation and provide a scholarship program built inside our smart contract. Guilds and scholars can determine a share agreement prior to leasing the NFT characters and earnings will be split automatically.

Crypto Avengers: Sounds good 🔥

Let’s move to our next question

Our next Question is Do you have competitors building something similar to Battle of guardians?

Alexander: Of course, in the process of developing BOG, we’ve encountered projects in the same vein, like ETH fighter and Meta Fighter, however it’s difficult to make a comparison right now as plenty of these are in their early days at the moment.

Of course, we are all in this together, and we wholly support GameFi projects who are working towards the same goal!

Crypto Avengers: That’s really cool

Let’s move to our next question

Our next Question is Can you please talk about the Ecosystem of Battle of guardians?

Anargya: BOG is a Play to earn game, so players are definitely earning money hehe!

Players can generate income by playing and winning in any of our game modes. We have a total of three game modes including:

1. Story Mode (PvE) — Players are gonna fight against computers, and for every win, your rewards will be on the lower side.

2. Arena (PvP) — Players are gonna fight against other players, and for every win the rewards will be moderate.

3. Tournament Mode — Players are put in bracket of 8/16/32, and they’ll try to knock out all of the other opponents. Last man standing will earn a huge reward!

These game modes combined with our features mentioned earlier, generate a whole new ecosystem for players and users to enjoy BOG!

Crypto Avengers: Wow interesting 😊

Moving to next question

Our next question is can you please talk about what’s the current status of Battle of guardians project? Any upcoming major milestones?

Anargya: Our game is currently at a playable state, even in multiplayer. However, we are only sharing it to some of our early investors who want to see the game. We cannot share the game to the public just yet because we’re still adding more characters inside!

The next milestone coming up is actually our IDO! Be prepared to see us launch in the first week of January next year! So not too long from now🔥

Crypto Avengers: That’s Great 😁

Let’s move to our next question

Our next Question is can you please talk about partners, investors and advisors of Battle of guardians?

Alexander: We are working many Tier 1 VC’s and Investors that have a clean track record when it comes to investing in up and coming projects, we cannot disclose all of them, but we can say that we are working with the following VC’s


- Pluto

- Maven Capital

- Ex network

- X21

Furthermore we are incubated by the recently Launched Guild, Good Games Guild (GGG) and are working very closely with them!

Crypto Avengers: That’s awesome 😁

Moving to next question

Our next Question is can you please talk about Battle of guardians TOKEN and its utilities?

Anargya: BOG will have 2 tokens, $BGS and $FP, Let’s start with $FP, FP or Fighting Points is a token that also doubles as BOG’s in-game currency. FP is earned everytime you win your fights in BOG! You can use FP to purchase In-game items from the marketplace, as well as Character NFT Packs from the marketplace as well, FP is also exclusively used to pay the entrance fee for participating in Bout or Tourney mode!

$BGS or Battle of Guardian Share will be used as the primary token and it also has several functionalities, $BGS can be used to purchase NFT Character packs as well an in-game items from the marketplace, It is also used as governance tokens as well, furthermore, $BGS can also be staked as well. You can earn $BOG by winning bout/tournaments as well as purchase them from the exchanges!

You don’t need both tokens to play, although you’ll most certainly earn both during your time with BOG!

Both tokens will be listed in the exchange! You can purchase $BGS when we launch our TGE and IDO dates later next month!

Crypto Avengers: Nice it’s amazing

Here is my last question, after that community round will be open

Our next question is when is planned launch and what are the IDO platforms?

Anargya: Good question! Our launch is not too far from now, we will be launching in the first week of January! We have confirmed and announcements of IDO Platforms including Infinite Launch and GameStation. More are coming up soon. Stay tuned to our socials!

Crypto Avengers: Ok guys we are done.

Now let’s proceed with the community Questions Are you ready guys?

We will unmute for Community Questions, you may answer after 3 minutes when I mute the Room again 🔥

Anargya: Let’s do this!

Alexander: Yeah! We’re ready! Bring on the questions!

Crypto Avengers Community: What is the meaning of the name of the project and why did you name it that way?

Alexander: Our project name, Battle of Guardians, comes from the lore of our game. In BOG, Demons have invaded human civilization and the guardians have arrived to help fight with humanity for their survival!

Crypto Avengers Community: Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Anargya: Yes! We will obtain some of the tokens back through features such as NFT Synthesis and Tournament mode. A portion of it will be burnt so that the tokens increase in value!

Crypto Avengers Community: Almost 3/4 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Anargya: That’s a good point. As Alex have mentioned, the co-founders here are a huge fanatic of fighting games. We are really excited to be pushing our game to the community. We want to add value to all players and users of BOG. So we really are building this project with that in mind. That, combined with good game economics and the experiences of our in-house game studio, we are certain that the project can attract more investors and not just a fling!

Crypto Avengers Community: What are the competitive advantages of your project? What advantages do you have that other competitor’s dont have? What would be your project secure most similar contender in the market today in terms of scalability, security, features, and adaptability????

Alexander: We are the First in the Game-Fi Space to have a “Real time” PvP Fighting game! Think of our game like Street Fighter or King of Fighter!

Crypto Avengers Community: What are your plans for spreading your project around the world? What steps have you taken for this?? I think that’s why you can use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. What do you think??

Alexander: Currently, when BOG will launch, it will focus on SEA markets first before directing our attention to the global market!

We’ve got a wonderful following on our twitter page and lots of Tier 1 KOL’s are also working with us to spread news and awareness of our project and our updates! So keep an eye out for updates on our official social media pages!

Crypto Avengers Community: Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and there are many new platforms under development. So what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have plans to grow there?

Anargya: Yes it is. SEA is a very promising market for P2E games. Take a look at Axie Infinity and how they have helped players to obtain a steady income there! We are from SEA country, Indonesia. So that’s where we would like to start our marketing. We will collaborate with e-sports team here and have them try out our game!

Crypto Avengers Community: Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?

Alexander: Every one of our community member who holds our $BGS token will also automatically have the power of Governance! Governance allows community member to leverage their opinion and vote on how they want BOG to develop moving forward! An example of one of our community governance for BOG is choosing/debating what kind of fighter they want to see next in BOG!

Crypto Avengers Community: What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2021? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Alexander: We are planning to launch our game in Phase 2, which will start around Early/mid February, and our priorities for the moment are as follows

- Making sure our community are informed and involved before our launch! We’ll be doing many more AMA’s on different other platforms and communities!

- Developing as many characters as we can before launch!

- Making sure our IDO platforms are sufficiently prepared to handle all of your requests when we launch hahaha

Crypto Avengers Community: Developing a new platform always requires a lot of research and effort. We see, most of the project just clone of an existing project. So, IS your project clone of an existing project or is it built from scratch? If yes can you please introduce the team behind this Development?

Anargya: We believe entirely that our game is original in terms of arts and gameplay. We took a lot of inspiration from our favorite game, Street Fighter. However, the characters and background is completely new!

Crypto Avengers Community: How affordable and easy is it for us to start playing BOG? Will the fighters be given to players for free or do they have to buy them? I think making daily gifts is enough to help increase fans, so do you make daily gifts?

Alexander: Hey! Dila! One of the pain points we are addressing in BOG is the High barrier entry to take part and join in Play2Earn GameFi projects!

Players of BOG can purchase NFT and take part with only $150, as opposed to Axie Infinity’s Entry cost of $300

Crypto Avengers: Cool, Is there anything you want to add before we close this AMA?

Anargya: Yes. We’d like to invite you to get to know more about us. Head on to our socials and hit follow so you don’t miss out on any of our updates!



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Crypto Avengers: Thanks Everyone! Please support Battle of guardians!!

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And thank you @tonystark537, for inviting us :)

Alexander: Thank you for hosting this AMA for us Tony! It was great meeting with your community! We hope to be back here soon after BOG launches 💪

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