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Waton: Founder & CEO of ADA Finance have taken AMA in Crypto Avengers TG Channel and helped to know about ADA Finance in detail. You can check full session details below.

Crypto Avengers: Hi @cryptowaton, Welcome to Crypto Avengers Community, how are you doing?

Waton: Hey Tony

I’m doing great, thanks for asking!

How are you doing today with the community, experiencing this Black Friday?!

Crypto Avengers: Good thanks for asking

So our 1st question is please introduce yourselves, your role and your background? And how you discovered crypto?

Waton: Christof Waton Founder & CEO at ADA Finance.

Background as:

- Co-founded investment group MLC, like Crypto Avengers (2017 — still distributing tokens whenever they come in ✌️)

- CBDO liquidity framework (2018–2020)

- Set up my consultancy and involved writing out the YFDAI DeFi ecosystem (oct 2020).

YFDAI was the first DeFi ecosystem with a redistribution of fees

Wrote out Howdoo DeFi ecosystem and moved on to writing P2P Finance, which got rebranded to ADA Finance

My crypto experience started in 2014 when i bought my first bitcoins, as fun.

Seems that it was a good decision!

Crypto Avengers: Wow you have a very great experience in Crypto

So our next question is what is ADA Finance? Can you explain ADA Finance in layman terms?

Waton: ADA Finance is at this stage a cross-dual-chain, and later a cross-multi-chain, DeFi ecosystem that brings innovative passive earning opportunities, completely decentralized by smartcontracts on the blockchain.

Currently we are developing on Avalanche and Cardano, in parallel. The ADAFi Ecosystem will have 2 products, ADAFi Swap and ADAFi Launchpad, being deployed on both blockchains.

It is important that we stay with the first movers on Cardano, but we can’t wait for the Cardano blockchain to be ready for DeFi, so started developing on Avalanche as they have the best financial dApp infrastructure

The ADA Finance DeFi ecosystem is a combination of elder centralized exchange strategies.

What we are missing most in the new ecosystems is an incentive for userbase growth and a rewarding structure for activity.

Bringing an affiliate / referral campaign along with address milestones is new to the industry and is beneficial for the early adopters and the platform directly.

Within the ADAFi DeFi Ecosystem, the users utilize the ADAFI token to access the passive earning features.

This ensures demand for the ADAFI token and with platform fees that we redistribute, we have our DAO program that collects those fees.

Users will be able to claim their DAO title, based on the minimum required amount ADAFI tokens being staked (up to 20% APR) for 6 months.

There has been rumours and claims that centralized exchanges are manipulating orderbooks and prices.

Especially for derivatives, this is a crucial risk.

Therefore, ADAFi Swap brings margin trading, on the blockchain, overlooked by a decentralized price feed (Charli3).

Crypto Avengers: Our next question is what was the inspiration behind starting ADA Finance?

Waton: I like writing out DeFi Ecosystems.. gamification and taking things next level.

When in April the btc crash happened (11,000$ in a few minutes), i checked the btc inflow to centralized exchanges and there was nothing significant, while the liquidity reserves of btc were low in the wallets of those centralized exchanges.

Therefore I wanted to bring derivatives in a decentralized way. Transparent and fair, on the blockchain and building a DeFi ecosystem around that, taking it a step further than I did with YFdai and Howdoo.

Crypto Avengers: our next Question is can you talk about team behind ADA Finance? What’s the team size and how many developers are involved?

Waton: The toughest part of any startup, by what people say, is getting the team together. I can now confirm that that saying is absolutely true. Even now there are some positions open (SEO manager for example)

Laurynas Antanavičius — CTO

I started the project writing out the whitepaper and DeFi Ecosystem. Once I had it written out, I presented it to Laurynas who did not have to think twice to become the CTO. As we have history working together, we know from each other what we are capable of and up to this point, I am still 100% happy with my choice!

As Laurynas on monday had 7 in-house developers directly under him

- 1 Haskell

- 1 dev ops

- 1 solidity

- 2 frontend

- 1 ui/ux

- 1 backend

It became tough for him to keep up so we hired a product owner and 2 additional solidity developers for avalanche development, making the solidity devs count on 3 now.

Mate Tokay — CBDO

From business development side, I needed a person who can review my work and strategy planning. Of all the people I came across my professional career (4y) in crypto, only Mate Tokay, Co-founder ( was the person that could keep up and bring valid input / feedback. As Mate got to understand the vision more, he agreed to come back from retirement to join us in the CBDO position.


This is the toughest role to fill. The talent pool in the crypto industry is very small and finding a CMO that has the knowledge of crypto / blockchain / fundraising / growth strategy / … etc etc, is tough.

Currently we have a head of marketing, who we can’t name yet for at least 2 months, but this man has tons of experience. Started this week (actually next week), has his introduction meetings with his department done and already started structuring. This guy, can move mountains from marketing side!

Business development side we have… 3 full timers along with 1 hourly based (designer), and 2 strategic partners that help us. We are scaling the marketing department now with an additional designer, video maker, long-form content writer and SEO manager.

Total team: In-house 14

There are currently 4 Haskell contractors aswel so there are actually 21 people on the payroll at this stage.

Scaling the teams is the most important thing… there is funds available, scale the teams 1st and make sure the machine starts producing!

Crypto Avengers: wow you have a pretty big team

Waton: There are many things to do aswel 🤷‍

Crypto Avengers: Awesome mate

Let’s move for the another question

Our next question is what are Current features of ADA Finance?

Waton: We are the new kids on the block since 2 months.

Initially we started developing only on Cardano, which takes time, as the plutus environment is new for many haskell developers.

We are tho the first project that released staking smartcontract code in a public repository on github!

Currently we are getting it connected to the testnet, which we have cool news to announce shortly. 😉

3 weeks ago, we made the change to cross-dual-chain development on Avalanche, in parallel with Cardano.

There aswel we have the staking smartcontract ready to go to testnet, and are simply doing the frontend of the ADA Finance platform now.

Our roadmap is a 25 months roadmap to deliver all the features. I estimate this on Cardano timeline.

Delivering the full ecosystem, working on Avalanche I got estimated at 15months

There is a lot to build, a lot to bring.

Therefore we have such big teams to have multiple smartcontracts and functions being developed at the same time.

Crypto Avengers: That’s great 😃

Moving to next question

Our next Question is Do you have competitors building something similar to ADA Finance?

Waton: There are some that are building out DeFi ecosystems aswel, but just with less features or token utilities.

Meld comes to mind as a very strong competitor. Not just product wise but also in terms of partnerships.

There is SundaeSwap, which is branded is #1 swap on Cardano. With the support of IOHK and cFund.

I prefer not to look left or right. We dont have the time for that 😉

Crypto Avengers: Ok got it thanks 😊

So let’s move to our next question

Our next Question is how does ADAFi Lending Work?

Waton: Lending on ADA Finance feeds the margin requests on ADAFi Swap.

Currently, centralized exchanges are allocating the liquidity of the users to the margin traders and make a lot of money with that, of which the user gets nothing. Thats not fair in our opinion so we are developing the framework so sers are able to provide the liquidity to the margin traders and receive interest directly on the lend asset.

The lender determines how much value of an asset he puts availble for margin traders, at up to 2% daily interest and a duration of 7, 14, 28 days.

Borrowers can pay the accrued interests in ADAFI Tokens.

What I can release about it is the following:

How the backend will work is something we keep hidden for now, as it has not been brought before 😉

Crypto Avengers: That’s awesome and unique one platform in this space 🔥

Our next question is can you talk about what’s the current status of the ADA Finance project? Any upcoming major milestones?

Waton: Current status of ADA Finance

As a company: Scaling the departments. From marketing side we are building out the team around the CMO so we can perform marketing on multiple fronts.

Fund raising: Seed, Private and Strategic rounds are closed.

Public sale is upcoming and we are finalizing the dates with the launchpads.

We target mid-december to do the public sale and get listed within 2hours after the public sale ends.

Development: Cardano — Staking smartcontract getting prepared for testnet connection

Avalanche — staking smartcontract to testnet and finalizing the infrastructure for the affiliate / referral campaign.

Business Development: Finalizing the business development milestones for the public sale. We are close and have great news coming up!

The milestones ahead I care more about the development side.

Producing and pushing products and features (smartcontracts) to testnet is to me very important now. Thats why we focus on developers the most.

The business development milestones that we are about to reach, are great and will bring amazing exposure and branding. However, the value of it will only be there when the swap launches. (We aim January).

We are in the final steps for 3 great achievements which will be announced when the time is right, but before the public sale!

Crypto Avengers: Sounds good 🔥

Waton: Im happy with what we accomplished in such short time!

Crypto Avengers: cool

Our next question is Can you please talk about partners, investors and advisors of ADA Finance?

Waton: One of the great things ADA Finance has are the tier-1 influencers in the private sale.

- Carl the Moon

- Crypto Banter

- MM Crypto

- Crypto MO

- Coin Muhendisi

- Crypto Fomo

- Keith Wareing

- Krypto playboy

- Crypto Jalal

We are working on finalizing that list shortly.

Other investors are of course Crypto Avengers

🔥 Roger Ver

🚨 Metavest Capital

Oracles Investment Group


Dutch Crypto Investors

2/3 business development milestones are finalizing this list, but it will blow the competition away and gives us as newbies a huge advantage at this stage.

Crypto Avengers: that’s Awesome

Let’s move to our last question

Our next Question is can you talk about ADAFI TOKEN and its utilities?

Waton: The ADAFI Token is used to unlock passive earning opportunities. There are fees involved, which get distributed to our DAO program and referral program, in each passive earning feature.

50 ADAFI Tokens are required to activate the affiliate link, to start creating your network as your referrals hitting their address milestones give you a commission of their rewards.

Activating the link, without building your network, still entitles the user on a 10% kickback from the commissions the user’s affiliate tree receive. DAO Program 25,000–50,000–100,000 ADAFI Tokens are required to claim their resp. Counselor, Minister, and Ambassador Title ADAFI Tokens are required to determine your tier level to invest through the ADAFi Launchpad and lending accrued interests can be paid with the ADAFI Token.

Crypto Avengers: Ok we are done.

Now let’s proceed with the community Questions Are you ready?

Waton: I’m ready 👍

Crypto Avengers: we will unmute for Community Questions, you may answer after 5 minutes when I mute the Room again 🔥

Waton: Perfect

Crypto Avengers Community: Hii sir👋 @cryptowaton

More information about when we can buy the $ADAFI token has been tba for a while. Can you give any more information about when we can expect to be able to buy $ADAFI on exchange? And what needs to happen before we are at that stage?

Waton: This is a question that indeed is top asked in the community.

We are finalizing with the Launchpad’s. We have a verbal agreement and are finalizing on allocations and launch dates.

Tomorrow our Letter of Legal Opinion should be ready, which allows usp to start looking to sync the launch dates.

I aim to bring an update by the end of next week!

Crypto Avengers Community: Which one of these aspects is important for you?

1-Increasing Token Price & Value

2-Empowering Platform Development

3-Building Community Trust

4-Expanding Partnership Globally

In what order?

Waton: They are connected with eachother so for the best benefits, and with the upcoming announcements aswel you will see.

We started partnering globally, taking tier-1 influencers onboard in different languages and areas.

Those KOLs are trusted by the community

With the investments of the KOLs we scaled the team

With the above 3, we increase the value for the token.

When we look at it from this stage on, we again take the same path

3 strong partnerships in the pipeline, can’t get higher than that, are incoming.. From both Business development as development side.

They will help to establish our brand = trust

Accelerates development

And for sure will increase the demand even more.

We are close to closing those 3 partnerships, which are massive!

Crypto Avengers Community: How many $ADAFI investors hold to be able to benefit from the project? In addition, is there any other way to keep investors with $ADAFI in the project? Building a strong community takes time. Can you ensure that the initial investors are motivated to stay with the project?

Waton: Initial investors will see the rapid progress that we are making.

Further, with the affiliate / referral program, they will be the first ones that are actually going to build their referral tree.

If you refer 5 people, who refer 5 people, who refer 5 people -> you get actually passive earnings from 125 people, achieving their address milestones.

With Scaling teams and the C-level people in place now, we ain’t slowing down!

For the business development, I strongly recommend people to keep an eye out in our community channel for the partnership announcements that are incoming. 👀

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Crypto Avengers Community: AUDIT is important for both TRUST and SECURITY? Have you done any AUDIT of your PROJECT? If yes, please share your AUDIT CERTIFICATES.


Waton: Once we push our smartcontracts to testnet we start the audits, while we are testing it directly.

It’s the most efficient way of working.

Crypto Avengers Community: ADA Finance Founder — Christof Waton said that ‘’there’s an obligation to contribute to the growth of the CARDANO Ecosystem’’.

What are the Planned Programs that will contribute to the ADA Ecosystem?

Waton: ADA Finance has agreed with BitDegree to bring a Haskell Academy Program.

The talent pool is very small for the blockchain industry, and Haskell developers (off chain along already) are exotic.

To contribute to the ecosystem, ADA Finance brings Haskell Academy programs and get talents ready to be hired in the Cardano ecosystem.

More news on this is coming up next week!

On top of that, ADA Finance is the first Cardano project that released smartcontract coding in a licensed public repository. Giving projects access to fork it but are forced to publicly release their staking smartcontract code aswel.

Crypto Avengers: Cool, Is there anything you want to add before we close this AMA?

Waton: It was a pleasure being here… Good questions which were voices from the community.

Always good to make time to provide answers to those questions!

I would like to thank @tonystark537 and the whole Crypto Avengers community for their support on twitter, Telegram and our private sale!

Thank you very much guys ❤️

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